Sunday, April 8, 2012

I chose Keith Carter specifically his photos of horses in his book Ezekiel's Horse. In these photos Keith plays with the uses of light, depth of field, and focus in order to create almost dreamlike images of the horse. Beyond purely romanticizing the horse Keith choses to focus on the shapes found in the horse. By focusing on things such as the eyes and the muscles of the horse, and depicting blurred movement Keith is able to plant emotion into the horses photographed.

keith carter

Left Light, ©Keith Carter, 2002Map Of The World, ©Keith Carter, 2002Rubenesque, ©Keith Carter, 2002Foal Study #1, ©Keith Carter, 2002Blue Eyes, ©Keith Carter, 2002Mr. Ed, ©Keith Carter, 2002Thoroughbred, ©Keith Carter, 2002White Horse In Moonlight, ©Keith Carter, 2002Spirited, ©Keith Carter, 2002